Eco-Friendly Paint

Decorating with Eco-Friendly Paints

Eco-friendly paints are a healthier alternative to traditional paints. Theses are made from naturally derived materials such as citrus peel, seed oils and inert mineral fillers. These are so natural that you can dispose them in a compost heap. Unlike traditional paints, eco-friendly paints don't seal your wall. The easy breathing ability rendered by eco-friendly paint can control moisture levels and reduce blistering and flaking. These materials are chosen as they are non toxic, renewable, and pose hardly any environmental threat.

Eco-friendly paints are slightly higher priced than traditional paints but the health benefits far outweigh the increased price. Usually the eco friendly paints cost £3.00 more per gallon, compared to traditional paints. Eco friendly paints are non-carcinogenic, non allergic and practically odourless. The only disadvantage with eco friendly paints is that you can't achieve the dark, intense shades with them. If you want an intense shade you must choose eco-friendly paints with the highest levels of VOC in them.

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Newer Developments

It's of prime importance to reduce and eliminate toxic chemicals in the surrounding. This is because our skin absorbs 60% of all substances that it comes into contact with. Eco-friendly paints earned a reputation as being of inferior quality as compared to traditional paints. Their durability, consistency and bleak colour all came under the scanner.

However, the recent developments in technology have helped to create a new breed of eco-friendly paint. These not only are less damaging to the environment but also give more options in terms of color.

DND Ltd Eco Friendly Brands

  • DULUX (ecosure)
  • Farrow & Ball (eco range)
  • Earthborn Paints
  • Ieko Natural Paints
  • The Little Green Paint Company