• High Wycombe Decorators

    High Wycombe Decorators

    Wycombe General Hospital, High Wycombe. DND Ltd Commercial have today received an instruction from Buckinghamshire…

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  • Oxford External Cladding Coating

    Oxford External Cladding Coating

    AIRWAYS AVIATION – Oxford Airport DN Decorations Ltd have just recently completed full external and…

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  • Oxford Office Decoration

    Oxford Office Decoration

    OXFORD BIO-MEDICA, Transport Way, Oxford. DN Decorations Ltd have just been awarded the internal redecoration…

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  • Listed Building Decoration

    Listed Building Decoration

    DND Ltd are just coming to the final stages of complete redecorations for The GAP…

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  • Internal & External Decorating

    Internal & External Decorating

    STONOR PARK, Oxfordshire We have just recently completed the full internal & external decorations to…

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  • John Radcliffe

    John Radcliffe

    DND Ltd Commercial have today been awarded the complete redecoration package for Lecture Theatre no.2…

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  • Diamond Light Source Building

    Diamond Light Source Building

    DND Ltd Commercial Division have today been awarded the full redecoration package for all ground…

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  • D’Overbroek’s College

    D’Overbroek’s College

    DND Ltd have been awarded the complete Decoration package for D'OVERBROECKS COLLEGE, Oxford - New…

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  • Hanwell Castle Oxfordshire

    Hanwell Castle Oxfordshire

    Complete internal redecorations by DND Ltd Residential due to start December 2016.

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